The Steamy 4100
Commercial / Heavy Residential
Steam Vapor Cleaner & Cleaning System

This state of the art Steam Vapor Cleaning System utilizes extremely high temperature vapor under higher regulated pressure to clean and sanitize almost any surface, faster and easier than conventional cleaning methods.

Steam Vapor is comprised of water droplets that are much smaller than steam. This allow the vapor to penetrate cracks and crevices and reach areas other steam cleaners cannot.

The vapor is heated, under regulated pressure, to an extremely high temperature, producing an ultimate penetrating power to clean and sanitize numerous surfaces. This hot vapor dissolves impurities and kills bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other allergy causing leave surfaces thoroughly clean, and it cuts your cleaning time in half compared to traditional methods.

The Steamy 4100 Cleaning System has a large 4 liter tank and can spray super heated water for up to three hours. The Steamy 4100 also has an additional special feature - it can emit bursts of boiling water along with the steam vapor. This boiling water is excellent at cutting through grease and the dirt that goes with it. There are literally hundreds of different applications for facilities such as:

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Food Service Facilities

Pest Control
Health Clubs
Hotels & Motels
Tile & Grouting
Gum Removal

Steamy 4100 Specs:
Power Supply :
110/120 V
18"w. X 12"d. X 10 3/4"h.
Total Power Consumption:
1600 Watts
Steam Temperature:

Up to 310 deg. F Boiler Temp

240 -270 deg. F at the nozzle

Boiler Tank Capacity:
4 liters
Reservoir Pressure:
Adjustable 0 to 65 psi
33 lbs filled
Heating Time:
15 minutes (cold water) /
10 minutes (hot water)
Operating Time:
Up to 3hours
Amperage: 12 Amps
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Safety: Security Indication Lamp for Low Water
1 year on system (parts & labor)

3 years on boiler

Steamy 4100
(Commercial / Heavy Residential Applications)

Every Steamy 4100 Includes:

The commercial 4100includes an upgraded industrial grade detachable hose & socket (monoblock)
3 Heavy Duty Aluminum Extensions (will not burn) 2 long & 1 short Floor Attachment Extensions
1 Insulated Hose
1 Large Floor Brush
1 Triangle Brush
10 Small Nylon Detail Brushes
10 Small Steel Detail Brushes
10 Small Brass Detail Brushes
1 Medium Round Brush
1 Medium Triangle Brush
1 Window Squeegee
1 Small Detail Brush Attachment
1 Long Detail Brush Attachment
1 Filler Bottle

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