The Steamy 3000
Home and Residential use Steam Vapor Cleaner
The Steamy 3000 Steam Vapor Cleaner and Steam Vapor Cleaning System - Easy to use, Transportable, Extended Steam Vapor Cleaning Power and much more...

Steamy 3000 Specs:
110 V / 120 V
0 - 65 psi Pressure
Up to 310F Boiler Temperature
240 - 270 F Operating Temp at the Nozzle Tip
Actual Water Capacity in Boiler Tank 3 Liters
Adjustable Pressure Output
1400 W resistance
Provides up to 2 hours of Steam Vapor
Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Boiler
Rugged Steel Exterior with Cable Winding Hooks
Safety Stopper and Security Indication Lamp
Detachable Hose - Monoblock
Security Indication Lamp for Low Water

Steamy 3000 Extended Warranty:
1 year (parts & labor)
3 years on Boiler

Steamy 3000 Steam Vapor Attachments Include:

1 Extended Length 8' Insulated Hose with Pistol Grip and easy Fingertip Steam Trigger
3 (2-19" and 1-8") Heavy Duty insulated Aluminum Extensions
2 Steam Vapor Nozzles
1 Large Floor Brush
1 Triangle Brush
1 Window "squeegee"
1 medium rectangle brush
1 medium round brush
Cleaning Cloth
10 Steel Grout cleaning Brushes
10 Nylon Tile cleaning Brushes

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