The Steamy 2000
Home Cleaning System
The Best in its Class

The Steamy 2000 is the most rugged residential system on the market has numerous versatile applications, and uses only water to clean with no harmful chemicals!!!

Bathrooms, commodes, tile & grout, fixtures, cribs, blinds
Spot cleaning carpet, upholstery
Sanitizes food contact surfaces
Most kitchen appliances, refrigerator mildew, door hinges & seals
Vents, tables, lawn chairs, stovetops, floor mats, benches
The tightest corners and smallest crevices
Most hard surfaces including marble, stone, brick, concrete, porcelain, plastic, vinyl
Great for detail cleaning the interior of your automobile

Steamy 2000 Specs:
Power Supply :
110/120 V
12" w. X 16" d.
Total Power Consumption:
1400 Watts
Steam Temperature:
Up to 275 deg. F
Boiler Tank Capacity:
2 liters
Reservoir Pressure:
Adjustable up to 65 psi
18 lbs
Heating Time:
12 - 15 minutes (cold water) /
8 - 10 minutes (hot water)
Operating Time:
Up to 2 hours
1 year on system
3 years on the boiler

Steamy 2000
(Residential Applications)

Every Steamy 2000 Includes:

1 large area brush with towel clip for floors & walls
1 large triangle brush with clips
1 single-hole detail brush attachment
2 small nylon detail brushes
2 small metal detail brushes
2 wand extensions
1 window & glass squeegee
1 cloth
1 funnel
Instruction Manual

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