Hi Tech Cleaning Systems features Environmentally Safe Cleaning Solutions for the 21st Century.

Hi Tech Cleaning Systems has been offering environmentally safe steam cleaning equipment since 1992. Our equipment uses only ordinary tap water to clean.

Steamy 6000
(Commercial Applications)

Water, when heated to a high temperature becomes dry steam vapor. Under regulated,
controlled pressure, the resulting dry steam vapor cleans faster and more effectively than regular cleaning methods. Very little water is expended from the machine, making it easy to clean up. It removes dirt, grease, and kills bacteria, small insects and other micro-organisms quickly. In addition, since we only use water, no toxic chemical residue remains, making it safer for people with allergies or other chemical intolerance.

Our trained, knowledgeable sales staff will assist you in finding the model machine just right for your applications. We have models for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.


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